About ME - prairiewindchasers

Who am I?

I am Amanda Hill; from a small Western MN town now living in the Twin Cities.

I got into photography in High School; bought my first DSLR in the early 2000's and now have upgraded to a full frame camera.

I love to take pictures of Wildlife; Nature; Landscapes; and Mother Nature's Severe Storms.

I have done Senior Photos and a couple of weddings.

Are my pictures for sale???

The answer is: YES!!!

 I go through Nations Photo Lab , Adorama, Shutterfly and National Camera for photo prints and gifts. If you are interested in buying any of my photos on my site, feel free to contact me below and I can work with getting you your print or gift!


Based in the Twin Cities; from Western MN

email: amanda@prairiewindchasers.com